South Florida Flats Fishing

About Captain Bob Branham and Key Biscayne Flats & Fly Fishing Charters


Key Biscayne Fly and Flats Fishing Charters with Captain Bob Branham

  Capt. Bob has guided clients to several World Records. He has taken anglers to many tournament wins and many more finishes in "the  money". He has been featured on TV with Mark Sosin, Andy Mill, and Trev Gowdy. His magazine credits include Saltwater Sportsman, Florida Sportsman, and Maxim. Bob loves to share his experience and show off his office.

 Bob has been guiding for more than 30 years and specializes in fly fishing. However, he will happily chase these great fish with spinning tackle if you prefer. His favorite thing to do is guide someone to their first or personal best trophy.  He believes fishing with a guide should be a learning experience not merely the thrill of a lifetime. After fishing with him you will know how to make better presentations. You will learn the best tactics and flies and you should also pick up some rigging tips.